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28 October 2007 @ 11:08 pm
R#01 // CH#06 - Character  
This challenge is to find an opponent for beeej to face in the final. It is restricted to people who have been eliminated in the past 5 challenges. You may not enter if you have been disqualified from a challenge, or if you voluntarily left the LWMS.

By my reckoning, that means the participant list should be as follows:

beam_oflight; xsacrifice; ubiquitous_girl; berlinghoff79; not4thewinning; bevfank; mizz_destiny; luna_61.

This challenge is:

Character - Elizabeth Weir

Make a wallpaper using any imagery of your choice.

You may use more than one image. Please restrict your imagery to the first 3 seasons.

Usual RULES apply.

Please submit your entry as a comment to THIS post by Friday November 2nd @ 2359 GMT. All comments are screened.